Merry Christmas from the Rogue Wave

In May of 2013 our mother passed away.  We were unable to have services immediately, so we waited a few months so that we could all be together.

In August, 2013, all “6K’s” (plus families) gathered at the beach the week before Mom’s services. One “K” was late in arriving, but, thankfully, he was able to rearrange his (unexpected) work schedule and make it.  We had a great time all together for the first time since, we think, roughly 1998. We know that Mom and Dad were with us in spirit and full of joy that we took the time and made the effort to all get together. Many years ago Mom confided in me that one of their (Mom’s and Dad’s) biggest fears was that we would all drift apart and never all get together after they were gone. I hope we remember that and that we continue to get together as often as we can — which is not easy since we live on two sides of the Earth!

The week after our beach trip we had Mom’s service.  Afterwards we had lunch with family and friends, then we went and had a family photo shoot.  Kim has doctored one photo that I present as the Rogue Wave Christmas greeting.  In the photo you will see the “6K’s” (in order: Kenny, Kerry, Kelly, Kim, Kevin, and Keith), along with six yellow roses.  Our Mom and five of the 6K’s were born in Texas, and Dad frequently gave Mom six “Yellow Roses of Texas”, so we had to have them at Mom’s service.

The ^K's, August, 2013

What a blessing that we were all able to get together and that we had these photos made.  Little did we know that “K5” would be gone just a few months later.

In closing, have a very Merry Christmas.  Hug your spouse and your children, and all of your other family members. Reach out to family you may not have seen in a long time. Get together with your family as often as you can.  Write a letter. Remember how much fun it is to receive personal snail mail? And, more than anything, remember to say “I love you”.  Little did I know that the last time I said that to Keith (at the end of a phone call like we always did), it would be The Last Time.

We love you, Keith.


*It is so hard to skip Keith.

By Sullivan Family