Remember: >*>*WEAR<*<* your whistles!

It is the height of the summer boating season, so we want to remind you to always, always WEAR your whistle while you are on a watercraft! Or if you are walking across a campus or parking lot, carry them in your hand. Keep it handy if you are hunting or fishing or anywhere you may be alone and experience an emergency situation.

NOT here (deep in the bowels of your pocketbook or bookbag):


but HERE (in your hand, ready to use):


NOT here (hanging on a peg on your boat):


but HERE (on your person):


NOTE: These whistles do not float! So, if you plan to attach your whistle to a life jacket, you might elect to attach it with a lanyard so that you can get it to your mouth without completely detaching it from your life vest.

PLEASE… don’t let a Google search of your name have results like THESE!

OH, a shameless plug… We plan to continue holding whistle giveaways at some of Keith’s favorite ports of call. If you would like to donate towards the project, checks can be sent to: Kelly Wyatt, P.O. Box 4481, Emerald Isle NC, 28594

We are thinking that our next giveaway will be somewhere in NC in May, 2015.

By Sullivan Family

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