Be Safe, Dove Hunters!

Keith’s “brother from another mother”, David Jones, will be handing out whistles at his Dove Hunting group on Monday.  Due to a snafu with our order of “Keith Sullivan Memorial” whistles, Whistles For Life donated their logo whistles for David to give away to all the dove hunters. What a great company to help us make this happen! The president of the company talked to me personally and requested that his warehouse overnight the Whistles to me so that they would be here on time. Please consider them for your whistle needs :).

We’ve also had the URL to the Rogue Wave printed in white so that it is easier to see.

Be safe, dove hunters!


By Sullivan Family

One comment on “Be Safe, Dove Hunters!

  1. Most of dove hunters have their decoys on and other accessories but they neglect what is important incase of emergency to have whistle in their hand. Can you send me the other details of this whistles and I will post in my blog ( for others dove hunters to be informed also.


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